K Cider

A full strength premium cider, K is produced with a unique blend of English apples to give the full-bodied cider flavours conveyed by it’s natural rich golden colour. It's marked with a ‘K’ for its superior quality.

Dry and Black ’n Black Blackthorn

Blackthorn Dry is crafted with only the best Bittersweet cider apples to deliver a crisp and sharp aftertaste. Black ‘n Black, has all the rich flavours of dark, ripe blackcurrants and blackberries, expertly blended to give a deep fruity, flavour you’ll love.

Ye Olde English

Olde English is a traditional medium dry cider made using a unique blend of English dessert and cider apples. Olde English uses the finest apples sourced from English orchards to deliver its well-loved, deliciously refreshing taste.

Blackthorn Original - A West Country Legend

Developed by an expert team of Somerset Master Cider Makers, Blackthorn is made using a secret blend of bittersweet cider apples, delivering a distinctive and unforgettable medium-dry taste that remains true to its Somerset roots.

Somerset Gold Chaplin & Cork’s

Somerset Gold is a medium cider, intense yet well balanced with a bitter sweet character. Made from pure juice, using the finest English cider apples, this a beautifully elegant cider from the heart of Somerset.

Somerset Reserve Chaplin & Cork’s

Somerset Reserve is a medium dry cider, clear and bright, with a rich and well rounded taste. Made from pure juice, using the finest English cider apples, this a full and crisp tasting cider from the heart of Somerset.


Addlestones is a golden, naturally cloudy cider with rich, bittersweet apple fruit flavours and a smooth, rounded finish. Fermented twice and unfiltered, for a full-bodied flavour and distinctive cloudy finish.

Tennent's Extra, 1885 Larger, Scotch Ale & Stout

The Tennent’s brewing and fermentation process takes a minimum of three weeks. It incorporates the process of warm maturation and the ageing of the beer in Speyside Single Malt Whisky infused with oak chips.

Hornsby's Hard Cider

Hornsby's Crisp Hard Cider has an elegant golden hue with the aroma and bouquet reminiscent of sweet apple juice. The taste has rich apple notes and a slight effervescence making a well balanced mouth feel with a little tanginess.